7 Best Practices for a Healthier Mouth – Lowell, MA

Having a healthy mouth is more than just having a beautiful looking set of teeth. To achieve this feat, a lifetime of dental care should be practiced. Patients may have undergone certain treatments to improve the appearance of their teeth, but this does not mean that they can stop observing its proper care.


Young woman flossing her teeth


Here are some of the best practices that should be performed for healthier mouths:

  • Brush the teeth twice a day for two minutes. It is best recommended once in the morning then in the evening. Morning brushing removes the bacteria that has accumulated on the mouth overnight which also helps lessen the harmful oral substances throughout the day. Evening brushing ensures that the stubborn food particles and acids are removed from the mouth before sleeping.
  • Make sure to clean the whole mouth. Plaque does not only generate on the teeth, but the tongue can also harbor these sticky deposits which can result to bad breath and other oral complications. Brushing it gently or using a scraper can keep it clean and healthy.
  • Choose a Fluoride toothpaste. Patients may choose products that can whiten the teeth, but it is best to check if it contains fluoride. The mineral works as a barrier against tooth decay by coating the teeth to prevent the growth decay-causing bacterias.
  • Observe proper flossing. It helps in removing tiny food residue on the places that are not easily accessed by toothbrush as in the gum line area. Make sure to roll an unused section of the floss per tooth to leave the gums clean and healthy.
  • Mouthwash for all-around clean. It helps in three ways; lessens acid in the mouth, cleans the areas that are not reached by toothbrush or floss, and remineralizes the teeth.
  • Stay hydrated. Not only that it is good for the body, but it also promotes saliva production on the mouth. Saliva acts as a cleanser that naturally removes bacteria or food particles on all areas in the mouth. It also helps in maintaining the proper balance of pH to keep the acids under control.
  • Schedule regular dental appointments. Dentists highly recommend patients to schedule an appointment every six months for their oral maintenance. At All Smile Care, we offer Complete Checkups which includes professional dental cleanings, examinations, as well as Digital X-Rays. These services can ensure the early diagnosis and treatment of any developing concern to prevent it from worsening.

We make sure to provide only the best procedures for our patients to maintain their beautiful and healthy smiles. Proper hygiene and care at home, partnered with periodical appointments can guarantee the overall wellness of everyone.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Complete Checkups in Lowell, MA. Book your appointment with us at All Smile Care and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!