Basic Care Tips for Veneers in Lowell, MA

Veneers are a long-lasting type of smile enhancer. With a little bit of care, a person can enjoy a picture-perfect smile for ten years or more. The prostheses are not just durable – many people are impressed by how natural their smile looks with veneers too!

Those who are planning to fix teeth imperfections like gaps, chips, discolorations, and even crookedness can avail of our veneers here at All Smile Care. For people who already have an improved smile because of the treatment, here are the tips to maintain it.

 Teeth with veneers


Caring Tips For Veneers

Stop biting on hard objects

The teeth are mainly used for eating – but this is not always the case. Some people utilized their pearly whites when opening packages, bottles, and plastic packets. This bad habit may, unfortunately, put veneers at risk for breakage or chipping.

Clean the veneers

Brush, floss, and mouth rinse daily to maintain not just the veneers but the overall oral health as well. Although there is no way for cavities to affect the prostheses, the natural structures that support the veneers are still susceptible to decay and other oral complications.

Pick the right foods to eat

Avoid eating sugary and acidic treats as these can cause tooth decay that might compromise the condition of the veneers. Also, it is better to stick to plain water instead of colorful beverages to prevent the prostheses from getting stained.

Ditch hard-bristled toothbrush

Gentle brushing is enough to keep the immaculate look of the veneers. It may sound like a good idea to use a hard-bristled toothbrush and grainy toothpaste to clean the teeth, but in truth, these can only damage the prostheses.

Never forget the dentist

Caring for the veneers is not at all challenging, especially with the help of dental professionals. The dentist can monitor the state of the smile enhancer. Plus, the wearer’s mouth, teeth, and gums are checked as well.


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