Debunking the Myths About Fastbraces in Lowell, MA

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Fastbraces is a type of orthodontic device that is gaining popularity nowadays. Thanks to the continuous advancements in the field of dentistry, there are now several options patients can choose from. With all these, it is highly possible for people to get the treatment and outcome they see fit.

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As its name implies, Fastbraces aim to correct orthodontic concerns in a fast yet effective manner. Compared to the traditional approach that often needs around two years to complete, this particular option greatly reduces this timeframe. This reason makes the orthodontic method highly favorable for a lot of people; however, there are still some factors which make people hesitant in giving it a go. So, to make everything clear for our patients, we at All Smile Care decided to expose the truth behind the myths about Fastbraces.

Fastbraces are excruciatingly painful

Compared to traditional braces, the pain felt with Fastbraces is not much of an issue. Although there is a mild discomfort to be experienced, this eventually disappears as the mouth adjusts.

The treatment does not work faster

Fastbraces actually lives up to its name since it straightens the teeth faster than the conventional approach. However, the duration of the treatment still depends on the condition of a patient. There are those who can get results in just a few weeks while others in a few months or even a year.

Teeth need to be pulled before the orthodontic treatment can start

With the help of advanced technology, it is now possible for patients to undergo orthodontic treatment without the need for tooth extraction.

They are more expensive

Contrary to what most people believe, Fastbraces does not cost more despite the faster results. Instead, patients can expect that the cost is lower since there are lesser dental visits needed.

Fastbraces are not as effective as metal braces

Although both treatments seem similar, do know that there are certain differences—for instance, Fastbraces utilizes technological advancements. Instead of the regular components, triangular brackets and an elastic wire is used to straighten the teeth much faster. With this combination, patients can expect results in just a few weeks.

By clearing some of the myths regarding Fastbraces, we at All Smile Care hope that our patients would realize the potential of the orthodontic approach in giving them a smile they have always wanted.

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