Dental Crowns in Lowell, MA: When Are They Needed?

Instead of opting for a tooth extraction procedure, patients with a damaged tooth have the option to preserve their natural structure. For example, if there is a cavity present on the tooth, it can be removed. Then a filling procedure will be performed to reconstruct and prevent the further spread of the decay. But if the damage has spread on a larger portion of the tooth, a dental filling is no longer the viable solution. Instead, patients are encouraged to consider dental crowns.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped prosthesis that is used to cover a problem tooth. Unlike veneers that only includes the front portion, crowns are fitted to enclose the entire tooth structure. Each crown is customized per patient to make sure that once bonded; it would just blend in with the adjacent natural structures. But aside from restoring a damaged tooth, there are other instances where patients can avail of dental crowns.

dental crown treatment

Dental Crowns are used to…

Anchor a bridge

A dental bridge is another type of restorative option for people who lost a tooth or two. The prosthesis consists of crowns at both ends and pontics (fake teeth) in the middle. The crowns function as anchors that hold and support the artificial teeth in place.

Replace a large filling

As mentioned above, a dental filling is used to replace the structures affected by decay. However, a tooth can only hold a certain amount of filling. If the filling is too large, the tooth becomes at risk of fracturing. To avoid this and other complications like deepening of filling or nerve inflammation, the dentist will recommend a dental crown.

Cover a worn down and discolored tooth

The tooth that appears darker or even transparent indicates wear. The dentist may recommend the use of crowns not only to correct the tooth’s aesthetic but strength as well.

Support the tooth after a root canal

After a root canal, the treated tooth becomes more vulnerable to fractures. That is why dentists usually recommend patients to avail of dental crowns. With the help of the said prosthesis, aside from protecting the tooth, the risk of reinfection decreases as well.

Stop the possibility of further damage

If a tooth show signs like an increase in sensitivity when biting down, this may indicate the presence of a crack. It is necessary to take action to prevent the problem from becoming a complete fracture. Getting a dental crown to prevent the tooth from splitting is ideal.

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