Exposing the Facts Behind the Common Myths About Dentures – Lowell, MA

The idea of dentures has been around for many years, people from ancient times even tried to develop several techniques to replace missing teeth. And as advances continue to emerge, dentures have also been continuously improved. For instance, the materials used are more durable and natural-looking to provide favorable results.

However, there is a wide variety of myths that surround this dental appliance. These misconceptions and myths cause those who are supposed to undergo the procedure become hesitant if a denture really is ideal for their needs. To help these patients, we at All Smile Care prepared a list of the most common misconceptions about dentures and also the truth behind each one.

Dentures for life!

Unfortunately, dentures do not last for a lifetime. Like any natural teeth, they are also susceptible to wear, staining, and damage. And as the jaws normally change over time, dentures should also be adjusted or replaced to still guarantee a proper fitting for better function and appearance.

Adhesive for dentures is a must for everyone.

Partial dentures can rely on its metal clasps for support while perfectly-fitted full dentures can be supported by their suction property without the need of dental adhesives.

It is okay to leave the lost tooth as it is.

Other people think that having a missing tooth only leaves a gap in the mouth. What they do not know is it has adverse effects over time that can affect one’s overall appearance and oral wellness. Missing teeth can make it hard for a person to chew and grind foods needed for the body’s proper nutrition. Bone loss and gum recession may also eventually occur, making the patient look older than their actual age.

Say goodbye to the dentist!

Dentures may be made from durable artificial materials, but a regular dental appointment is still in order. Professional maintenance is also needed for the appliance to maintain functions. Besides, the gums that support the dentures should also be adequately secured to prevent it from being infected.

The appliance is inevitable with old age.

It is not normal to lose the teeth as one gets older, unless with poor practice of oral hygiene and care. The teeth are actually meant to last; this can be secured by observing proper hygiene techniques, regular checkups, and professional cleanings.

We at All Smile Care offer traditional dentures which can either be a full or partial restoration. For those who prefer a more stable appliance, denture stabilization with the use of mini-implants is the best solution for their needs!


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