Five Reasons: Why You Should Wear a Protective Mouthguard, Lowell

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  1. All dentists say that it is wise to wear a mouth-guard to protect teeth when playing certain rough sports like cricket et al. This is because sometimes the ball comes right at the face of the player and hits at him or her with such force that the person may get severely hurt or bruised. To avoid such accidents from happening, it is necessary that a person should wear mouth-guards. They cushion the teeth against impact from objects like a ballet al which comes at great speed.
  2. It is also best to wear a mouth-guard, as per all dentists, to protect one against jaw joint injuries. Again, when one is playing sports or is involved in any such activities which are very rough and tough by nature, it is best to wear a mouth-guard to protect oneself. The mouth-guard is of a nature that even the jaw joint is rendered safe and will not be impacted by during any object coming at great speed and hitting against the face.
  3. For the same reason, soft tissue in the mouth area is protected by the use of a mouth-guard. Thereby, chances of a concussion too are reduced by far with the use of this kind of gear. Even when one is driving a car, if there is an impact or an accident, there are chances of the face hitting against the steering wheel (if you are the driver of the vehicle). This may prove very dangerous for the person and cause a lot of harm or injury to the person. However, all can be saved if the person is wearing a mouth-guard. The impact will most likely be taken by the mouth-guard and not the teeth, jaw joint or the soft tissue area in the mouth region.
  4. Wearing a mouth-guard will also prevent injuries to the jaws and the neck area of the person who is wearing them. The mouth-guard is very protective and saves the day when it comes to some events. It is highly advisable to wear them at certain times. Some of us are very much into sports and like to rough and tough it out. At such times, it is necessary and very wise to take precautions like wearing protective gear to save our facial structures from any chance of an injury.
  5. Certain custom-fitted mouth-guards may be expensive. However, the usual ones available in the market are very reasonable regarding their pricing. Also, just think of the time, effort and money involved if one has to go in for teeth replacement or restoration. And this is what one will have to do if the teeth get spoilt, broken or cracked during at any given time. Thus when one is sure that we are going to be involved in any work which calls for precautions to be taken, do take them. It will save the day if something goes amiss.
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