Get Quick Smile Enhancement in Lowell MA With FastBraces

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Many people want to achieve straighter teeth to improve their smile. However, the thought of wearing braces for an extended period does not appeal to some. Here at All Smile Care, we offer FastBraces which are safe and effective in straightening the teeth in less time. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing our patients with personalized and high-quality dental services best fitted for their needs.

FastBraces uses triangular brackets which are made of clear ceramic that blends in with the teeth. The treatment duration depends on the condition of the teeth; it could either be completed in three months or one year. With the use of patented technology, the FastBraces procedure involves moving the teeth and roots together.




How does FastBraces Work compare to Traditional Braces

Traditional braces usually use square brackets in each tooth and a wire that threads between the brackets. The treatment usually lasts for two years, with the crowns of each tooth moving on the first year, and the roots moving on the second. Patients with regular braces are also required to visit the dentist regularly for the adjustments of wires; it is for the proper and continuous movement of the teeth. FastBraces, on the other hand, utilize triangular brackets and wires that have elastic properties. The elastic wires allow the constant movements of the teeth by moving the crowns and roots at the same time. It works effectively and efficiently without the need for frequent dental visits.

Benefits of FastBraces

  • Less treatment time (between three to twelve months) which makes ideal for patients who prefer convenience and comfort.
  • FastBraces is safe and faster with the use of heat-activated wires and patented bracket design.
  • Reduce the risk of decay and root damage since the treatment time is shorter than other orthodontic procedures.
  • Affordable treatment compared to other orthodontic procedures.
  • Fastbraces provides a more discreet appearance which is preferred by patients who are conscious of how they look.
  • It is more comfortable due to the flexible wires instead of using metal brackets or wires that could harm the soft tissues in the mouth.
  • Reduce the possibilities of pain and sensitivity.


Bring out your best smile with FastBraces in Lowell. Book your appointments with All Smile Care for a fast and effective way of straightening teeth. Our dental office is located at 109 Middlesex St., Lowell, MA 01852.