Know More About Professional Fluoride Applications – Lowell, MA

Enamel, the outer layer of each tooth is considered as the hardest substance in the human body. Despite this, the teeth can still be susceptible to wear, chips, break, and decay. It goes especially to people who do not observe proper oral health care and also to those who do not seek the assistance of a dental professional.

With the help of dental treatments, protecting the teeth and other oral structures in the mouth is so much easier. Not only is it possible to restore damaged or lost teeth, but it is even possible to stop the adverse effects of oral complications before it occurs. At All Smile Care, we make this possible by offering professional Fluoride Applications. To get optimum results, partnering it with dental sealants and regular visits works best.


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What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that many people have access to. For many years, it became an essential part of oral health care since it helps in strengthening and protecting the teeth against harmful substances. The best candidates for undergoing the procedure are both children and adults who are at high risk of cavities. Anyone can compromise their teeth due to the natural process that happens inside the mouth – demineralization, and remineralization.

Demineralization is when the patient lost the minerals on their teeth due to the acid, bacteria, and plaque that attacks the teeth. On the other hand, remineralization is the process of returning what was lost to the teeth. This cycle repeatedly occurs inside the mouth. It is essential to counter the effects of demineralization early to prevent the rise of any potential problems.

As mentioned above, people have easy access to fluoride. It is present to local water systems, tea, chicken, fish, and even dental products. However, what’s gained from these foods can be easily lost as well. That is where professional fluoride applications come in!


Benefits of Fluoride Applications

Dentists will apply the fluoride solution directly to the patient’s teeth. Compared to other products, the ones used by professionals have higher concentrations, therefore, highly effective.

  • Prevents future oral health issues by protecting the teeth against harmful factors.
  • It helps eliminate tooth sensitivity by closing areas with exposed nerves.
  • Earliest traces of tooth decay can be reversed to prevent it from worsening.


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