Learn About Dental Sealants in Lowell, MA: Its Purpose, Procedure, and Benefits

Proper dental hygiene like brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing is essential in preventing the development of decay which leads to cavities. But not all areas of the mouth and teeth can be easily cleaned. That goes primarily to the portion of the molars and premolars which are consist of deep grooves and fissures.

The molars and premolars are positioned in the areas that are harder to reach by brushing alone. Even with the use of a thin-bristled toothbrush the deep grooves and fissures cannot be achieved. This portion allows the bacterias to build up and eventually cause damage to the teeth’s chewing surface. Thanks to the treatments offered by dentistry, there are now options in protecting the teeth to prevent any damage from developing. We at All Smile Care provides Dental Sealants to protect the health and structure of the patient’s teeth for a longer-lasting beautiful smile.


Dental Sealant

What is a Dental Sealant and Its Purpose?

A Dental sealant is a material that is placed on the teeth’s chewing surface which has deep grooves and fissures. They are usually used for the molars and premolars, but it can also be applied on the other teeth. The purpose of Dental Sealants is to protect the tooth surfaces from bacteria accumulation which can damage the teeth and lead to cavities. It works by filling in the deep grooves and fissures and smoothing the surface of the teeth for easy cleaning and maintenance.


How are Dental Sealants Applied?

  • The procedure starts by thoroughly cleaning the teeth’s surface to be treated including the deep grooves and fissures. It is to ensure that there won’t be any underlying problem once the sealants are placed.
  • Once cleaned the teeth would then be dried in preparation for the etching solution to be placed. The etching solution would roughen each tooth’s surface to ensure the secured bond of the sealant solution.
  • The sealant would then be applied directly to the teeth by using a small brush. Depending on the type of material placed, special blue light is used to harden the dental sealant quickly.
  • For completion, the dentist would check to make sure that the sealant does not affect the patient’s bite. Necessary adjustments can be performed to ensure the teeth’s proper function after the sealant application.


The Benefits of Dental Sealants

  • It protects the teeth against cavities.
  • Anyone at any age can benefit from the treatment as long as their teeth are not yet affected by decay.
  • The procedure is safe and painless which does not require sedation.
  • It helps in the prevention of developing specific dental complications that may require more intensive or extensive treatment.


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