Reasons Why Complete Dental Checkups Should Be Observed – Lowell, MA

Dentists highly recommend patients to schedule their visits every six months to attain a healthy and well-maintained oral condition. Some people may find this reminder repetitive, but it is only because of its importance. Although proper dental hygiene and care are practiced at home daily, a patient can still be at risk to cavities and other oral complications if professional assistance is not sought.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing may be the first line of defense, but these trio alone are not sufficient to get rid of harmful substances that gradually accumulate and attack the oral structures. It goes especially to patients who mindlessly perform this task without thinking about its possible consequences.


Dental Checkup


As we at All Smile Care are committed to giving our patients the sufficient support and attention they need to achieve oral wellness, we want to help in any way that we can. To make everyone understand why scheduling complete checkups are essential, here is a list we prepared:

    • Scheduling complete checkups give patients the best chance of saving their oral health from threats that can compromise their teeth. As soon as the earliest symptoms manifest, dentists would be able to provide treatments accordingly.
    • It reduces the patient’s risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and other complications that takes places due to inadequate oral hygiene practices.
    • Aside from examinations, it also includes professional cleanings that offer a more thorough and deeper clean than merely brushing the teeth.
    • It has been discovered that there are links between oral and general health. Scheduling regular dental appointments can increase the overall wellness of patients.
    • Detecting and taking care of problems before it turns serious helps prevent the need for intensive, complicated, and even costly dental procedures.
    • Not only will the dentist perform a visual examination, but it is also possible for them to take x-rays to check if any problems lie underneath the gums.
    • It is possible for dentists to know if the patient is doing their oral health care routine wrong and if their bad habits have an impact on their oral health. They can provide some tips and advises as well.


Let us help you improve your overall wellness by taking care of your oral health! Book your appointment with us at All Smile Care for your Complete Checkups in Lowell, MA. We are located at 109 Middlesex St., Lowell, MA 01852.