Surgical Extraction: Its Definition and Aftercare

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A dental extraction is a process of permanently removing teeth from the socket. Tooth extraction is recommended when the tooth can no longer be saved with other treatments and to prevent the spread of infection to the different areas of the mouth. It may also be performed when there are extra teeth in need of removal. The procedure is useful in cases of severe tooth decay, an infected tooth that cannot be treated. Tooth trauma causing irreparable damage or problematic wisdom teeth also need extractions. Tooth extraction is also carried out if gum disease is present as this causes loss of bone and tissue that supports the teeth.

What is surgical extraction? 

This type of extraction involves removing teeth that are not easily accessible in the mouth. This may be because the teeth have not erupted through the gum completely, or they have been fractured under the gum line. In this case, an incision is necessary to access the tooth. The soft tissues covering the tooth may be elevated, or a drill may be needed to remove some of the nearby jawbone during the extraction procedure. The majority of the cases of surgical extractions need to have the tooth in fragments for it to be removed. Since this procedure is complex, it is typically carried out under the effect of anesthesia by an oral surgeon in a dental hospital setting. However, there are cases where a general dentist may also perform the procedure. 

Surgical extraction aftercare

After your surgical extraction, do not attempt to lift heavy objects or do other strenuous activities. It is best if you get plenty of rest, but make sure that your head is elevated when lying on a pillow. Allow your tooth to clot, so it quickly heals. Bite down on the gauze for at least one hour after extraction, do not chew on it because it may delay healing. Remember to change the gauze every 30 minutes. To reduce swelling, you can apply an ice pack on the same day as the procedure. You can apply it on your face for 15 minutes and then 15 minutes off your face for one or two hours. Applying ice packs will no longer benefit you after 24 hours have passed following the extraction.

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