Useful Tips for Invisalign in Lowell, MA

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A crooked or misaligned smile is not attractive to look at; fortunately, there is a solution – Invisalign. The said clear aligner brand is known to be the manufacturer of reliable, clear orthodontic devices. Here at All Smile Care, we care about your smile. If your pearly whites are less than perfect, feel free to ask our assistance. We have orthodontic treatments to beautify the look of your smile.


Quick Facts About Invisalign

Before anything else, let us give you a little background about Invisalign:

  • Invisalign aligners are metal-free for they do not use brackets and wires.
  • The oral device is removable. Wearers can just take it out from their mouths when eating or during special events.
  • Invisalign uses durable thermoplastic material that is completely BPA-free.
  • The transparent trays can cure mild to moderate misalignments.
  • Invisalign treatment doesn’t require patients for monthly adjustments.

Helpful Invisalign Tips

Now that you are ready to straighten your smile with Invisalign let’s get straight to the tips then!

Bring a toothbrush wherever you will go

Oral hygiene should be observed appropriately when wearing Invisalign aligners. Whether you are in the office or at school, a travel-sized toothbrush paired with a tiny tube of toothpaste can be of great help in keeping your smile clean. It is advised to first brush the teeth before popping the aligner back in. That said, carrying oral care tools in your bag is an advantage.

Do not use the toothpaste to sanitize the aligner

The clear aligners should not be exposed to toothpaste as they can accumulate scratches due to the abrasiveness of the product.

Limit your consumption of teeth-staining foods or drinks

Those foods that can cause your teeth to become yellow or brownish can also make your aligner appear stained. As much as possible, minimize your consumption of sodas, pigmented juices, pasta with tomato sauce, and coffee. It is better to stick with plain water, especially with the aligner on.

Get straighter smile now! Here at All Smile Care, we offer Invisalign in Lowell, MA. Be sure to set an initial consultation with us to know if you are qualified for the treatment. We are located at 109 Middlesex St., Lowell, MA 01852.