What Are the Benefits of a Custom Mouth-Guard for Oral Health, Lowell?

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Custom-made mouth guards provide a good many numbers of benefits for the end user. The American Dental Association advises the use of a mouth-guard when one plays games like football, hockey, boxing, gymnastics, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, rugby, track and field, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, soccer, surfing, water polo, weightlifting, and wrestling. A properly fitted mouth-guard provides cover and protection to the spacing between the brain from any jerks or concussions.

Also, a custom-fit design always is a better deal when it comes to a proper fit in the mouth. It provides enough of cover and a good fit so that there is no mishap when it comes to fitting in the mouth issues. Also, proper fitting also makes sure that the mouth-guards are matched as per the color requirements and other specifications which one chooses. The maximum advantage of a mouth-guard happens when a person has a good fit for the device in the mouth. Otherwise, the patient or user may end up feeling queasy and uncomfortable with the mouth-guard. A person tends to feel more secure and rests easy when the mouth-guard is custom-made. If it is a normal mouth-guard which is not custom-made, it is another thing having it fit properly in the mouth. There is no doubt that the patient will feel more comfortable when the mouth-guard is custom-made.

What are the other nuances concerning custom night-guards?

As is the case with most forms of dentistry, prevention is the main aspect which should be looked into. A good dentist will guide the patient that one should be concerned enough about the dangers of playing certain games and decide to opt for a custom-made mouth-guard before one gets injured. It is far better to secure oneself from a mishap than to suffer afterward on getting injured. Also, custom-made mouth-guards will help in the cause for bruxism as there will be a tendency of feeling more secure and of preventing teeth grinding at night with these. As any good dentist would say, teeth grinding at night causes issues with not just the patient but also with the persons sleeping with the patient. The other person or persons sleeping next to the patient with bruxism tend to have disturbed sleep due to this issue. Also, the person with bruxism may suffer from issues with his or her teeth since they may get destabilized by a bit due to this nuance. The teeth may undergo a bit of wear and tear with this, and get spoilt in the process. The tooth enamel of a person will not suffer from any damage when a person wears a proper mouth-guard. Thus, it is best to ensure that a person wears a suitable device to prevent himself or herself from undergoing any problems with his or her dentition. Also, custom mouth-guards may cost more than the usual ones, but they are very much worth the price one puts into it.
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