What Does General Dentistry Include, Lowell?

The field of general dentistry is an area of dentistry that covers a broad spectrum of dental treatments for everyone who wishes to undergo them. The various treatments offered under this category includes all kinds of CAT scans, x-rays, and use of molds.

A general dentist is the primary dental care provider when it pertains to general dentistry treatments. People of all ages can avail their benefits. A routine visit to your general dentist will begin with an overall examination of one’s mouth, their teeth, their gums, and their related dental structures. This is followed by a professional form of dental cleaning, and a discussion to keep your dental health in the best possible state. If in your dental examination, there occurs to be any form of dental decay, you will most probably be advised to follow up with a dental procedure to treat the affected area.

The following dental treatments are a part of the field of general dentistry, which will be offered to you by the best dentist in Lowell at our clinic.

  • Dental Fillings- the treatment is performed to restore one’s teeth. The material that is used for dental fillings can vary from gold, mercury, amalgam, porcelain and even composite resin.
  • Dental crowns- crowns are artificially created teeth that are placed above your broken and damaged teeth. The dental crowns maintain the original structure of one’s teeth and also help protect them against further damage.
  • Dental Bridges- Bridges are dental appliances that entail the placement of artificial teeth over the remaining teeth and dental crowns. This dental appliance is fit over one’s natural teeth on either side of the dental gap to cover and secure the dental structures.
  • Root Canal Treatment- The root canal treatment is performed when the dental pulp present inside the inner teeth becomes infected. The aim of the root canal treatment is to save not just your teeth, but your dental health. The separate line of procedure is performed under the category of endodontics in the field of dentistry.
  • Professional dental Cleaning- The dental cleaning entails the use of scaling and root planning to ensure that your teeth are free from plaque and other harmful bacteria which are not good for your dental health.
  • Cosmetic Bonding- Bonding is usually performed to treat cracks and chips in one’s teeth, along with the issues of misalignment and discoloration. The dental bonding procedure entails the use of composite resin, which can securely fuse with your dental aesthetics after this, a special curing light is shone over the same to make sure the layer is hardened and works to your benefits.
  • Dentures- this entails the creation of a set of false teeth to one’s dental structures when people have been missing either a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dentures tend to function in the same manner as our natural teeth, and hence are so popular among people.
  • TMJ treatments- the treatment option deals with dental procedures of your mouth, your face, and your jaw and with the help of necessary equipment, tend to fix their position, their alignment, and your biting issues as well to make them appear better and straighter. However, this should not be confused with the treatment option that braces have to offer.

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