Wisdom Tooth Removal: Healing Hacks in Lowell, MA

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What to expect after a tooth erupts partially on the gum line? Definitely, excruciating pain. Wisdom tooth is something that everyone should get rid of once it creates discomfort. Despite its usefulness during the old years, the third molar is considered worthless in today’s time. So if you got problems with your wisdom teeth, feel free to ask our assistance at All Smile Care. The only solution to alleviate the possible hassles of this type of molar is to have it extracted.

After receiving a wisdom tooth extraction procedure, the best thing to do is to follow the instructions of the dentist. Remember, the healing period matters. It will determine the success of the treatment. But how will you start? Take a read at these basic aftercare tips below.

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Top Healing Hacks For Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Throw Your Straw

Dental professionals typically promote the use of straws for those who received a tooth whitening treatment. But for wisdom tooth removal, using straws when drinking is not advised. It is vital to keep the blood clot undisturbed for the first few days following the procedure.

Stay At Ease

If you have strenuous agendas on the list, you might as well postpone it. Take a rest: this is one of the significant things that you should do to recover fast. Physical activities can encourage or lengthen bleeding.

Soft Diet Over Hard Foods

Again, the goal is to keep the healing site intact. Sticking to a soft diet is essential to avoid any disruptions to the blood clot. The foods that you can try include thin soup, gelatin, mashed potato, and pudding.

Focus On The Gauze Pad

The dentist places a gauze pad on the newly extracted site as bleeding commonly occurs after the procedure. Take note that the bandage plays a big role in controlling the bleeding. Gently bite on it continually. If the pad is soaking with blood, consider changing it.

Take Care Of Your Mouth

Doing your regular oral care routine is still necessary to prevent infection on the newly treated part of the mouth. When rinsing, opt for warm saltwater. This mixture is loaded with antibacterial properties that can help heal the affected site quickly.

Do you have any questions regarding wisdom tooth removal aftercare? Talk to us at All Smile Care now! We are always willing to answer our patients’ queries. If you need Teeth Extractions in Lowell, MA, visit us at 109 Middlesex St., Lowell, MA 01852.